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About Us

ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe. A B2B - B2C company, that offers great services that comes with a professional touches. ParaDon Books have a fine team of qualified editors, the best book cover graphic artists in the industry, affordable book prices, great stories, great promotions, world-wide distribution, high-royalty pay, and publishes books in all six formats (Hardcover, paperback, e-Book, Mp3 Downloads, CD and Audiotape).

At ParaDon Books Publishing, we take care of our customers with high quality professional services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. 

We are currently accepting submissions.

Apart from signing with Vearsa - to distribute our digital books to eBook channels, Libraries, eReaders, SmartPhones, Tablets, PC or Mac - ParaDon Books Publishing have also decided to partner with, to announce our new and discounted eBooks to their millions of subscribers, via emails and web posting.

What this guarantee our authors is the backing and co-operation of the top distributing giants in the e-publishing business, that would back and distribute their eBooks worldwide. 

ParaDon Books Publishing does not charge to publish authors.
A full, signed agreement must be committed between us and an author in order for us to publish their manuscripts.

We have also secured over three hundred independent bookstores all around the United States, that would shelf our books once they are in print in the summer of next year, 2016. 

Our official active website is due to launch in the middle of December, and would be openly acceptable to individual accounts, including affilatesauthors, and the generals; so that our authors could check their earnings, our book-sellers could check their commissions, and our readers could keep track of their shopping carts.

We offer our authors a payment rate of 50% royalty or less, non-binding, until signed.

Here is a list of the eBook distributing channels that your finished titles would be immediately published;

These are the list of the many other supporting websites that would also list your book info:
  •,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AmazonBookClubs, YahooNews, GoogleNews, @IndieWritersupp, @ParaDonBooks, and many other social media channels.

Once our authors ebook is fully published, the author would be provided marketing tools (software and video tutorials) that he or she may use to broaden their online visibility. 

You no longer need to be self-published. Tell us about your published books, email Let us do the work for you, so that you can focus on writing more.

To find out more about ParaDon Books Publishing, the services we provide, and our submmission guidelines, click on any of the livelinks below:

For Authors

Here are the great advantages of publishing with ParaDon Books Publishing:

  1.  We offer high royalty payments. 
  2.  We will assign you your very own editor, to collaborate with.
  3.  We will design a stunning book cover for your title. 
  4.  We will send out PR newsletter to all our email subscribers/followers/friends and connections about your title once it is published. 
  5.  We will distribute your title to these distributing channels (, review websites, and make them available for every portable device. 
  6.  Your paperback title will be available nationwide, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble. 
  7.  We will promote your book on Google Search, Yahoo, Bing and every other search engine databases on regular bases.
  8.  We will promote your book (as a coupon printout with your book cover) at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Food4Less, Albertson, etc.
  9.  We will schedule you for book-signing appearances (if you are up to it) on regular bases. 
  10.  We will convert your title to an audio-book, and make it available at all audio-book web-stores. 
  11.  You will be regularly mentioned on our social media websites. 
  12.  We will design a full-length book trailer for your title. 
  13.  We will assign you a permanent phone number with an extension number to our public office line, so that we, and your customers, can contact you about business matters. 
  14.  We will give you 500 business cards to advertise yourself. 
  15.  We will issue you your own customizable debit card so you can receive your royalty payments via wire transfers. 
  16.  We will provide you marketing tool (software and video tutorials) for your use. 
  17.  We will even give you your own customizable email address (YourFirst&LastName)


We publish fiction and nonfiction literature,
and provide these services:

  • e-Book Publishing
  • Book Publishing
  • Audiobook Publishing
  • Book Marketing
  • e-Book Distribution/Conversion
  • Video Production 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press-Release Advertisement
  • B2B Consulting
  • B2C Marketing