Good Afternoon,

ParaDon Books has just announced its next phase of acquiring authors for late 2018 and early 2019 publication dates. We have made it possible for authors to compose, design, collaborate, publish, share, and market their stories to millions of readers anytime and everytime right from their smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. We also pay book-publishing-advances to writers who qualify based on their pre-sale evaluation.

Qualified writers are in one of the following categories:

1. Established Authors: These are individuals who have built their platform, have a substantial following on social media, e-newsletters, live events, etc. Our teams top priority is to expand this authors platform even further and support them with every publicity tactics befitting a Bestseller.

2. Emerging Authors: These are individuals who are closer to the starting line. We work with authors in this category who have exceptional content but need strategic guidance on building the audience, platform, and outsourcing systems behind any campaign they do.

3. Non-Fiction, Business and Community Leaders: ParaDon Books team will work with you to develop your message, create your content, package it into a manuscript, and publish it globally. is the most advanced networking and publishing technology in the book business. Our organized team of experts will prepare your manuscript and then handle all the design, packaging, printing, distribution and marketing. 

Our mission is to make you a bestseller if your writing is meritable.

Wed love to set up an initial conversation to discuss how we might be able to work together. You are welcome to write with your initial concepts, pitch, book proposal, etc. and well be in touch shortly after.

Best Regards,
- Celina Marka
Chief Editor